Vital Recruitment

Vital Recruitment Unlimited Corporation is a 100% Filipino recruitment entity primarily established to provide its worldwide clientele the most competent professionals as well as reliably efficient skilled manpower resources.

Located at # 203 Mezzanine Floor Almanza Square Building, Alabang-Zapote Rd.BF Almanza,

Anchored on a pragmatic concept of recruiting and deploying Filipino Manpower, Vital Recruitment Unlimited Corporation operates under the authority of Philippine Overseas Employment Administration with POEA License Number ٠ 027-LB020111-R. Its mission is to readily supply world class caliber manpower that the host sponsors require.

Under the stewardship of seasoned and adequately honed executives and staffs, the composite of Vital Recruitment Unlimited Corporation organization proficiently carries out a very comprehensive manpower screening and selection process that is tried and tested to achieve the paramount objective of consistently providing the host principals exactly “what is-needed” (W.I.N. concept). This optimum result is the beaming testament to the realization of the agency’s inter and intra-personal ”Zero Defect” working atmosphere and philosophy.

Liberate now your minds from worrying about:

  • Hassles of rigorous manpower screening and selection
  • Cumbersome/complicated requirements imposed by government agencies and/or institutions
  • Undue risk of faulty/hasty hiring’s
  • Costly and ineffective hiring exercises

Entrust all your manpower requirements to Vital Recruitment Unlimited Corporation then relish the value-for-your-money quality services in return. Pamper your optimism and confidence through the expertise of Vital Recruitment Unlimited Corporation always supplying only the competent manning you need. These committed attributes will remain as the propelling catalysts to long lasting business relationships with all host sponsors as well as applicants.

In succeeding annexes please take notice of the simple yet detailed recruitment procedure that reckons labor, immigration and consular provisions of the Philippines and host countries. Also appended is our lean yet reliable organizational set up.

At your utmost convenience, you can contact us @ Telephone Numbers (+632) 8018089, Mob. +63 0916-6392-229, Fax (0632)-556-8682 & E-mail id: &

In dealing with Vital Recruitment Unlimited Corporation you will experience a responsible representation of honestly ethical and professional business authority championing pragmatic recruitment approach geared to mutually reward us significant returns on both investments.

Our ultimate vision is RECRUITMENT BUSINESS EXCELLENCE through high standard of moral conduct and legitimate performance transparently cognizable as the true measure of organizational competence and character.

Standard Operating Procedure Flow Chart
Vital Recruitment SOP Flow Chart